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Use a paralegal for minor legal problems Small claims, traffic


Paralegals in Ontario are licenced to practice law in certain fields and in which they must have practice insurance.


They are independent and do not have to work under the supervision of a lawyer. They are therefore very different from paralegals everywhere else in Canada. They are really "para lawyers."


In all other areas of Canada there is little difference between Law Clerks and Paralegals.


Both perform various supportive quasi-legal functions under the direct supervision of a lawyer.


They can assist a lawyer and you may get some routine work done by them at a lower rate than if the lawyer did it.

Use a paralegal for minor legal problems Small claims, traffic

Ask ParaLegals If They Can Handle Your Legal Matters For You.


Why pay a lawyer, if a paralegal can do it? Often Paralegals are much better at handling their matters because they do them so often.

BC ParaLegals Services:

Paralegals in British Columbia are not regulated.

In British Columbia, paralegals may not work independently and must work under the supervision of a lawyer.

Paralegals may not practice law, and as such may not represent people in court nor assist them with traffic violations or name changes.

However, they may attend certain disputes, such as between a landlord and tenant, as well as attending some categories of tribunals and administrative hearings.

Aspiring paralegals may pursue entry into the profession through on-the-job training or through paralegal education

ALberta ParaLegals Services:

Alberta Paralegals may conduct legal research, submit registration documents to the appropriate agencies, and assist with some legal matters, including trial cases, but  they must work under the direct supervision of a lawyer. Alberta Paralegals are not permitted to represent anyone in court

Alberta has about 7,700 working paralegals. Paralegals in Alberta are not regulated or licenced.

SaskatchewanParaLegals Services:

 Paralegals in Saskatchewan are not regulated or licenced and may not offer legal advice.

Saskatchewan paralegals must work under the direct supervision of a lawyer and may not engage in activates that could be construed as unauthorized practice of law.

Typical paralegal duties include: conducting interviews with clients and witnesses, preparing legal documents and performing legal research. There are about 650 paralegals  in Saskatchewan

Manitoba ParaLegals Services:

Paralegals in Manitoba are not regulated or licenced.


Manitoba Paralegals are not permitted to practice law and must work under the direct  supervision of a lawyer. Paralegals may perform work that otherwise would be performed by a lawyer, as long as they are directed to do so by a lawyer. This may include interviewing clients, researching legal matters, drafting documents and correspondence, and preparing legal documents.

There are about 1000 paralegals in the province

Quebec ParaLegals Services:

Quebec does not licence or control paralegals



Nova ScotiaParaLegals Services:

Nova Scotia paralegals must work under the direct supervision of a lawyer.  They are not required to be certified or licensed.


Under the direction of a lawyer, paralegals' duties may include: evaluating and submitting documents, performing legal research, interviewing witnesses, drafting correspondence and assisting in court.


There may be about 2,000 paralegals working in Nova Scotia.

New Brunswick ParaLegals Services:

Paralegals in New Brunswick are unregulated.


No license or certification is required in order for paralegals to work legally. However, they must work under the direct supervision of a lawyer and must avoid activities that could be seen as unauthorized practice of law.

Paralegal may conduct  legal research, prepare legal documents, assist on transactions and communicating with clients.


Some 350 paralegals work in New Brunswick

Newfoundland Labrador ParaLegals Services:

Newfoundland and Labrador does not regulate or licence  paralegals.


The law does require that paralegals be supervised by lawyers.


Paralegals are also prohibited from giving legal advice.


About 250 paralegals at work in Newfoundland



Ontario ParaLegals Services:

Ontario is the first and to date the only province in Canada to regulate paralegals through licensing.


Since May, 2007, Paralegals must be licenced, registered and insured through the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) to practice independently, without supervision by a lawyer.


LUSC also clearly defined the scope of practice of independent paralegals, the educational requirements, and standards of practice.

NWT, YT, NN ParaLegals Services:



We recommend that you always interview more then one ParaLegal.


You should talk to at least three ParaLegals before making your decision on which ParaLegal you wish to retain.


You are buying a service like any other and you should always get quotes ParaLegals are NOT doing you a favour by taking your case. You are doing them a favour by hiring them.

When you have a legal question or if you are in need of a ParaLegal for your legal matters  ParaLegal Advice will direct you to the expertise to help you solve your problem.


    All aspects of your case can be handled by paralegal agents, including

    preparation for the hearing

    representation at the hearing

    appeal if necessary.


ParaLegal Advice can assist you with many of your everyday legal needs.

ParaLegal Advice will help anyone, anywhere find the right Canadian Paralegal Services anywhere in Canada.

Law Clerks Across Canada:


A law clerk manages routine, everyday legal and administrative matters and assists the lawyer with more complex legal issues.


The titles "law clerk"  and  "paralegal" are interchangeable in a law firm anywhere in Canada, except Ontario.




Let us locate or refer your case to a qualified Paralegal. No Charge.

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