Paralegals can handles many problems faster, cheaper and better than a lawyer


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Trade a Fine Reduction for a Guilty Plea?



Be realistic.  Make a deal.

Trade a Fine Reduction for a Guilty Plea?



Talk to the crown before your trial starts. You can get a deal very easily.


Is it a good deal? You do not have to accept any deal, but find out what is on offer before you go to trial. Be realistic. Consider the odds against winning.


Traffic court hearings are very informal. Deals and discounts are the order of the day. If you have any sort of half decent reason, or even if you just plead guilty you can get your fine reduced.


Crowns and judges just want to get through the list. They will usually make any deal which will save them saves them time and work. .... but you are still convicted.

The police officer's word counts for a lot more than yours does in court. Make a deal, you will probably be better off.


You may actually be completely innocent, but the courts really figure the police wouldn't have charged you for nothing.


You are presumed guilty, it's human nature. Make a deal.

Human nature being what it is, you are really presumed guilty. Nothing crooked here. Just reality. Ask the crown what they will accept in a deal.

Really Want to Fight Your Ticket?   Deal with a Paralegal


The Courts know that the Police did not ticket you without a good reason.


The facts of your case will determine the outcome. If you got a ticket for speeding, and you were speeding, you know you're guilty and so will the courts.


While you're innocent until proven guilty, the judge will take the police officer's version over yours every time.


Usually the only real issue is how much will your fine be?  You may get off for some reason, but your chances of winning a lottery are better.


You need a Paralegal to even the odds against you.


A Paralegal will explain what to expect, what your chances really are and will spell out plainly what s/he will do for you.


Be sure you understand that a Paralegal can greatly increase your chances of a complete dismissal, but cannot promise a win.


A Paralegal can most likely get your fine reduced and possible get your points reduced. A lower penatly will lessen the impact on your insurance rates.


Paralegals know the ropes. You do not. Think seriously about this.

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How Much Will a Paralegal Charge?

Generally, paralegals charge you a fee for their preparation time, for attending in court and representing you.


That fee will run a few hundred dollars. You pay that up front no matter what the outcome of the hearing.


Usually you pay it up front before they will even take on your case.

Let us locate or refer your case to a qualified Paralegal. No Charge.

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