Paralegals can handles many problems faster, cheaper and better than a lawyer


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Fight and Win. Beat Your Traffic Tickets and Serious Charges


  • My licence is suspended and I cannot pay the fines

    Ask a paralegal to help you put together a plan to get your licence re-instated.


    Payment plans can be set-up  for over-due fines and more.

  • What about "We Win or It's Free" offers?

    "We Win Or It's Free" is a gimmick.  If companies advertising this "guarantee" will  not give your money back in full, if they do not win your case outright, shop around.


    You will probably find a better "deal" somewhere else.


    If they offer you a full money back guarantee over the phone, ask them to fax you the guarantee so you can have a look at it before you sign.  Read more...

  • How to Fight Your Ticket on your own

    You can fight your ticket and you may even win.


    It will take some leg work, persistence and home work on your part.

                         Read our tips on figihting your ticket here



Traffic Tickets?  A Paralegal Can Really Help You


Understand that if you wish to fight a traffic ticket on your own, the crown and the police, who are expert in prosecuting tickets, will be fighting to convict you.


The police officer's word counts for a lot more than yours does in court.


The JP or Judge hearing your case tends to give the Crown and the police a tad more credibility than you. A ParaLegal will even those odds for you.

The fine for your traffic ticket is the least of your problems


It is the points and your insurance company that will really hurt you.


Consider these simple facts:


If convicted:

You will end up paying thousands of dollars more for car insurance.

You could even lose your licence.

You could pay a heavy fine and costs

You could even face jail time.

Too often, we have had people inquire about appealing their traffic ticket convictions after they realize that choosing not to fight their traffic tickets resulted in their insurance rates increasing.

Let us locate or refer your case to a qualified Paralegal. No Charge.

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