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Any court agent who claims they can win for certain is lying




Read the Facts About Those

Traffic Ticket Services'

"We Win or It's Free" Offers




No Win, No Charge Ads? Beware


You have seen the ads.


Traffic tickets agents, often claiming to be ex police officers with years of insider experience, are offering you what looks like a terrific deal.


Are they saying they will win your case or refund your money?


Most people think"win or free" means that these traffic ticket agents or ex cop outfits will get your case discharged, dismissed or an acquittal and you will not have a conviction or points on your record.


WRONG!           WRONG!              WRONG!








If they just get your fine reduced, they call that a "win."

Generally reducing the fine is very easy to do. More often than not the crown will accept a deal to save court time and trade a reduced charge or fine for a quick guilty plea. The points are fixed by law. The JP or Judge cannot reduce them without changing the charge to some lesser offence.



You still get a conviction on your driving record.

Your insurance company will definitely hear about it and probably raise your insurance premium or insurance rate. That is the real world you are living in and there is little you can do about it..


 What Does "WIN OR FREE" Really Mean?


Not much. It does not mean what you think it means.


You think it means a complete acquittal and dismissal of the charges with no fine, no points and no record to raise your insurance rates, right? Wrong.


You think that if you get convicted, you will get your money back? Wrong again.


If they do not get all of the above, you do not have to pay them anything. Wrong again.


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