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124 01.00 A Paralegal can defend you on these Criminal Summary charges
Product description: If you were charged with a criminal offence, Ontario paralegals can help you.You need to know your options and act quickly. A criminal charge is serious

Paralegals in Ontario May Represent You in Court for Summary Charges and Some Hybrid Criminal Charges

If you were charged with a criminal offence, Ontario paralegals can help you.


You need to know your options and act quickly. The steps you take will affect your future and, in some cases, your freedom. Every criminal charge is serious and should not be taken lightly.


If you plead guilty to a criminal offence, you are admitting the allegations and relieve the crown to prove your case beyond reasonable doubt. Many criminal offences can result in substantial jail time.


You will get a Criminal record which may prevent you from obtaining employment and/or traveling to other countries.


A paralegal could arrange that the your charge be dealt with by alternative methods as opposed to a criminal conviction on your record.


Paralegals will offer you legal advice and reliable defence in court. Do not risk conviction for a criminal charge because you did not know the criminal process or simply were not familiar with hidden penalties .


If you have been arrested for a criminal offence you will need immediate help from a paralegal who handles criminal matters.



  • Impaired Driving
  • Fail/Refuse to Provide a Breath Sample
  • Over 80mg
  • Assault
  • Drug Offences
  • Young Offenders
  • Pardons
  • Theft Under $5000
  • Fraud Under $5000
  • Dangerous Driving (summary)
  • Possession of Controlled Substances
  • Uttering Threats
  • Shoplifting
  • Mischief
  • Criminal Harassment

Criminal charges under the

Criminal Code of Canada,  are extremely serious. There are three types of charges based on the gravity of the offence.


  • Indictable Offences
  • Hybrid Offences (offences whereby the Crown elects to proceed by the Indictable or Summary procedure)
  • Summary Offences


Paralegals may represent people charged with summary or hybrid offences involving less serious crimes where the maximum punishment is six months incarceration and/or a five thousand ($5,000) dollar fine.


All other offences must be represented by a lawyer although you can represent yourself.

Examples of Summary Offences Which An Ontario Paralegal Can Handle For You

Justice Offences


    s.129  Obstructing or Resisting Peace Officer

    s.130  Impersonating a Peace Officer

    s.134  Swearing False Statement

    s.139  Obstructing Justice

    s.140  Public Mischief

    s.145  Failure to Appear


Sexual Offences


    s.163  Corrupting Morals

    s.168  Mailing Obscene Materials

    s.173  Indecent Acts

    s.174  Public Nudity


Disturbing Offences


    s.175  Causing a Disturbance, Indecent Exhibition, Loitering

    s.176  Disturbing Religious Worship

    s.177  Trespassing at Night

    s.179  Vagrancy


Morality Offences


    s.201  Person Found in Gaming House

    s.210  Inmate of Common Bawdy House

    s.211  Transport Person to Bawdy House

    s.213  Obtain Prostitution Services

Vehicle Offences


    s.249  Dangerous Operation

    s.250  Dangerous Water skiing

    s.252  Fail to Stop at Accident Scene


Conduct Offences


    s.264  Criminal Harassment

    s.265  Assault

    s.270  Resisting Arrest


Family Matter Offences


    s.282  Abduction Contravening Custody Order

    s.283  Abduction Where No Custody Order*


Property Offences


    s.335  Take Motor Vehicle Without Consent

    s.342  Theft or Forgery of Credit Card*

    s.348  Break and Enter with Intent*

    s.349  Being Unlawfully in Dwelling House

    s.354  Possession of Stolen Property





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